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Psychotherapist, artist, survival instructor, and author Rob Jacoby draws upon all four areas of his life and experience to offer us The Map to Love: How to Navigate the Art of the Heart, a life-giving perspective on love, fulfillment, healing, and successfully navigating the complex human emotional landscape. His twenty year career helping people from all walks of life, especially young people suffering from extreme emotional problems, gives this book its lived-in authority. His passion for creation, particularly music and painting, drives the spontaneity and rhythm of its prose and presentation. In collaboration with world renowned artist Brian MacGregor, the result is a visually and intellectually stunning masterpiece on the topic of LOVE. If you plan on purchasing only one book on Self-Help, Love, and Positive Psychology for the rest of your life, this is that work.

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“Rob Jacoby takes us on a unique and inspiring journey of love. With wit and wisdom, he shows us how to successfully navigate through pain & suffering, love and belonging.”

--Marci Shimoff, N.Y. Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

"Rob Jacoby's book The Map to Love couples beautiful illustrations, done by Brian MacGregor, with meaningful and insightful lessons on life and love. This book is truly a map for those who wish to navigate the heart." 

--Wes Moore, New York Times Best selling Author and CEO of BridgeEdU

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