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Rob Jacoby’s book The Map to Love is an insightful guide, teaching us those eternal truths that love is the reason for all things, echoing a theme written about for thousands of years. Rob lends a more modern day approach that would cause this planet to evolve into a Shangri-La if we’d all live life in the manner he teaches in this marvelous book, so richly enhanced by the magnificent art of Brian MacGregor. This book should be required reading for everyone.

Tom Dennard, Author of Discovering Life’s Trails and Buzzards Roost

"I call it also a fun read. Some yummy morsels well-presented and radiantly accentuated by MacGregor's art. The book offers a delightful and pleasantly un-pushy dance into some of the finer rhythms of love."
Howard Hanger - Minister of Ritual, JUBILEE! Community,Founder, Hanger Hall School for Girls , Author 
“Rob Jacoby is able to distill the complexities of our hearts and souls into words and images that are not only easy to grasp, but empowering. He beautifully reveals a freedom and strength that too often are hidden, yet inherent in every human heart.”
Suzannah Galland, Celebrity Life Advisor and Author of The Infinite Minute

"A great trip. Awesome art. It's a trip through your emotions and experiences, that makes you think consiously about what you've been doing. At the same time, comforting you that you are not alone in your approach to love. The paintings are amazing and the imagery is what really makes this book. I would buy this book just for the artwork." Lorraine DS