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"We quest after happiness as if it were a thing, when simply being creative is the true endurance of happiness."

Brian MacGregor

Brian MacGregor is a world traveler, inspired by exotic locations in foreign lands and the deep recesses of the nocturnal dream. He is a nationally and internationally recognized, full time artist. He studied art for a decade in Virginia, and a short while in Great Britain. In 2000, he moved to Savannah, GA and graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design. Travel and studying dreams has been his guide to understanding the collective unconscious, which he tries to visually depict in his work. He does this by collecting peoples hand written dreams and incorporating them into his mixed media paintings of scenes from around the world. His ultimate goal is to inspire people and also learn as much about other cultures as he can. MacGregor currently owns an art gallery-studio downtown and displays in several other locations. He has won over twenty awards including the International IASD First Place Dream Art Award, National Congressional Art Award, Best of Savannah 2007 and more. He has done over ten solo gallery shows and over fifty group shows around the country. MacGregor has been interviewed by international and national magazines from the US to Australia, Fox News, to NPR and several students of art in between.